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KANAAE Members Meet With Legislative Leaders In Roundtable Discussions
posted by: Garry | July 02, 2015, 10:30 PM   
As a member-driven organization committed to elevating the voices of classroom teachers in Kansas, we were pleased to provide a platform for teachers to be heard. KANAAE members were able to share their experiences and ideas, voice concerns, and suggest student-centered solutions. “The legislative meetings were a great opportunity to open the lines of communication between teachers and legislators,” remarked KANAAE member David Rebant.


As stakeholders tackle education policy fixes in Topeka, direct feedback from Kansas teachers is often missing from the debate. “As a Legislator, I wanted to hear from teachers…  I regard them as professionals and respect their task of educating our children,” stated House Education Committee Chairman Dr. Ron Highland. “The meetings were very productive.  I felt both the legislators and the teachers left the meetings with both an appreciation of the viewpoints presented and the opportunity to share information freely and professionally. I feel this type of dialogue should become more common place in the future.”

Attendees discussed everything from funding for the fine arts,  to school finance, KPERS, what a quality education looks like and student assessments. “It was a truly beneficial opportunity to have conversations about the legislation affecting professional educators,” stressed KANAAE member Ryan Noel.  Along with Chairman Highland, teachers listened to presentations by Senate Education Committee Chairman Dr. Steve Abrams, State Senator and KANAAE member Greg Smith, and Brandon Smith and Kim Borchers from Governor Brownback’s office. Members then led teacher-driven roundtables where they asked questions, voiced opinions, and shared ideas.

“Kansas teachers have a professional, positive voice with KANAAE,” stated KANAAE Executive Director Garry Sigle. “I’m proud KANAAE can facilitate these lively discussions between classroom teachers and elected officials. These forums are providing elected officials with an authentic perspective from Kansas’ classrooms.”

As leaders on the front lines of education, KANAAE recognizes member teachers have valuable input to add to the discussion. “I look forward to organizing events like these in the future,” shared Sigle. “This is just the first step in giving KANAAE members a seat at the policy table.”


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