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About Us

Kansas Association of American Educators (KANAAE) is a professional Kansas teachers' association that provides an alternative to Kansas teacher unions at a much lower cost. KANAAE demonstrates its commitment to professionalism and respect for its members' personal beliefs by avoiding partisan politics and non-educational social agendas. KANAAE focuses on advancing the teaching profession through professional development, teacher advocacy and protection, and promoting excellence in Kansas education. Each member receives an individual insurance policy with comprehensive liability and legal protection. KANAAE believes that Kansas educators should receive the respect, recognition, and reward that they deserve.

KANAAE has been committed to the academic and personal growth of every Kansas student since 1997, based on the following premises:
  • Education's first duty is to the child.
  • Character as well as intellect should be developed in a young person.
  • Kansas schools should be free from strikes and work stoppages.
  • Kansas educators should be free from any form of compulsory membership in a Kansas labor union.
  • Kansas schools' administration, faculty, and curriculum should be accountable to the parents, citizens, and taxpayers of the communities they serve.

KANAAE is incorporated in Kansas and has been recognized as a nonprofit, tax-exempt Kansas teachers association under section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code.