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Five Great Ways to Spend Your Summer as an Educator
posted by: Garry | May 13, 2015, 10:18 PM   


  1. 1) Go on a trip! Time is a lot more flexible during the summer and traveling is one of the best ways for both personal and professional enrichment.  If you need education travel ideas, check out GEEO or Global Service Partnerships.
  2. 2) Read! Reading time during the school year can be limited. Summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up on your favorite novel, read those books you’ve seen your students carry around all year, or find a book to inspire you in your approach to the classroom. You can never read too much.
  3. 3) Try out new Technology. It can be difficult to incorporate new technology into the classroom mid-year, which makes the summer the perfect time to research the possibilities, practice, and plans to include a new piece of technology or a new software program in the upcoming year.  Check out EdTechTeacher for great recommendations and their summer workshops.
  4. 4) Work in your subject area. For teachers at the secondary level, remaining current in their content area is vital.  Whether contracting, volunteering, or just taking a graduate class, consider doing specialized work in your subject area.  Not only will you stay up to date, but the learning you do will remind you why you got passionate about your subject to begin with.
  5. 5) Get involved with KANAAE! Are you interested in writing an article for our publications or helping recruit colleagues? Contact us and we’ll make sure YOUR voice is heard here at KANAAE.
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