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Tell KANAAE Your Amazing Teacher Story!
posted by: Garry | May 04, 2015, 07:34 PM   


KANAAE knows that dedicated teachers can have a profound impact on the lives of students. Some may even be considered "life-changers." And as we settle into Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 to May 8), those teachers deserve to be put in the spotlight!


That's why we're coming to YOU have a story about an amazing educator? If so, we invite you to show your appreciation for them by sending it to using the subject line "I Love Teachers!" so we can share the love!


In 50 to 500 words, tell us about the amazing teachers in your life - past or present and from any grade level - who are making a difference in your life, or to the lives of their students, colleagues, or even the community at large! Make sure to include:


  • The teacher's name
  • Where they teach
  • What subject(s) and grade level(s) they teach
  • How you know this teacher
  • Why you think this teacher is amazing
  • The best way to contact you for further information
  • Any pictures you may have of you and the teacher


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