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Stop the Mass Exodus of New Quality Teachers!
posted by: Garry | August 22, 2014, 03:21 PM   

But what fewer people may be aware of is the fact that teachers are leaving the profession in droves. In fact, studies show that half a million either move or leave each and every year – a $2.2 billion problem nationally.

That means the emphasis for finding quality teachers lies in finding and recruiting new teachers to fill the gap. Only, just like new businesses, new teachers are often the ones that tank first!

And as a result, students are left feeling rejected and abandoned.

But what if there was a way to recruit quality teachers AND keep them in the profession?

Lucky for us…there is!

Studies show that the number one reason new teachers leave is because they are dissatisfied with working conditions including classroom management, opportunities for professional development, and lack of input in critical decision-making verdicts.

Furthermore, studies indicate that the number one factor the Millennial generation seeks in potential job prospects is a sense of autonomy, purpose, mastery, and choice.

These factors are easily addressed with quality mentoring and induction programs. In fact, such programs have been known to increase not only beginning teacher retention, but also beginning teacher effectiveness by 20 percent! These teachers were even more likely to take on leadership roles!

The answer here seems clear. Great teachers need both time and opportunities for development. And if we help make them great from the get-go, then we help not just our teachers desire to stay in the profession, but our students ability to learn. Both of which would have lasting implications on the future of the American way of life.

That’s why AAE is dedicated to advancing the teaching profession for both new and seasoned teachers alike. We think that every teacher is a professional, that every teacher adds value in today’s educational landscape, and that every teacher deserves to have their voice heard. Our annual membership survey, professional development opportunities, and top-notch new teacher publications are just a few of the ways AAE is helping to drive the teaching profession into a more respected and desirable career.

What do you think about this solution to teacher recruitment and retention?
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