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Teachers Want More Technology in the Classroom
posted by: Garry | August 06, 2014, 03:34 AM   

The problem is that despite revolutionizing the classroom, these devices are costly and require up-to-date software and adequate bandwidth. Teachers across the board feel that they’re not equipped with the resources they need to use these tools effectively.

With more and more standardized testing transitioning into online platforms, K-12 educators are concerned that their schools are struggling to keep up with the demands. And they’d like to be able to integrate technology at higher levels than their able to given current circumstances.

While 93% of our members incorporate technology into their lessons, AAE knows that today’s teachers aren’t getting the support they need in the classroom. And 56% of AAE Member teachers would like to see laws enacted to require that students take at least one virtual course in order to graduate. That’s why AAE is in support of any legislation that paves the way for new and innovative learning environments.

How is your school keeping up with technology?
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